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Almost gone; I feel like something’s wrong,
Selling love for gold, this world is growing old.
Violence breaks; it’s all that it takes,
A fire that burns to destruction it turns,
My face is red with tears of these wasted years.
Shadows ring my eyes time to realise,
You can’t go on believing were all the same,
You can’t go on inviting death in your veins.
Rescue me from this game that they play,
Don’t count me in if you don’t know my name,
Shine on me lest you take it all,
Two thousand years rescue us all,
rescue me...rescue me...rescue me.

Facing things we’ve done,
Facing Things to come,
Knowing right from wrong
Knowing your alone.

Take your time now it’s all in your hands,
Call to the world and hope that they understand.
Rescue me.

Written by Ian Sandercoe and Paul Elliot (1989)
Performed by: Ian Sandercoe

Recorded at: New FM Radio Studio Sandgate New South Wales Australia
Produced by: Ian Sandercoe
Engineered by: Sean Hall
Year: 1994

Vocalist: Ian Sandercoe
Guitar: Paul Elliot
Bass Guitar: ...
Drums: ...
Keys: Rob Parde

As written about by Ian Sandercoe:
Written during desert storm, the impact on lives near and far.



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